About Us


GrowMyAds.com was founded in 2016 with the focus on delivering a performance focused, disciplined approach to Google Ads growth for both service businesses and ecommerce stores.

Most digital marketing agencies or contractors do not deliver results. This is because they are not able to deliver on the three most critical elements of a successful Google Advertising service:

1. Best in Class Technical Expertise with Experience Managing Millions in Ad Spend

Most agencies do not have the expertise or experience working on hundreds of accounts and managing both small budgets of a few thousand dollars and large budgets of hundreds of thousands a month. They either have no clue on how to actually run accounts or they follow the rules set by Google themselves which often mean increased ad costs right into Google’s coffers. GrowMyAds is different. Since 2016 we’ve worked with over 225+ clients across dozens of different markets: online stores, B2B and B2C services, manufacturers, local businesses, professional services, SAAS companies and many more. Not only do we have the ability to deliver superior results but also we are able to speed up the performance curve by drawing on past experience managing millions of dollars of ad spend per year.

2. Strategic Thinking

Many agencies and third-party contractors know the basic ins and outs of Google Ads. They’re certified, they’ve run a few accounts and they know their way around the platform. BUT Google Ads alone is not enough to deliver results. It’s simply a tactic that must fit into a larger strategy. If you run a great ad campaign to a mediocre offer or your strategy sucks, you will not get good results. Simple as that. GrowMyAds does NOT just focus on running an ad account. We make sure that your ads are part of a strategy that makes sense and that will deliver on increased sales, leads and ROI – not just increases in vanity metrics like more impressions or clicks. Results come first and both your ad account and your offer/funnel must work together to make growth happen.

3. Master of One Trade

Most agencies offer every digital marketing service under the sun. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, content marketing, web design, logo design, SEO, email marketing etc etc. Each of these tools has its place – but when an agency offers them all, inevitably they deliver mediocrity. GrowMyAds is a specialist agency – we live and breath Google Ads and search based PPC advertising. It’s literally all we do every day. This means that we can deliver better results and performance because we are incredibly focused on one thing.

If you’re interested in an agency that can take your ad account to the next level, book a call with our team now.