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“Grow My Ads has helped us achieve 22x ROAS on Google Ads. Their team has suggested the most cost-effective Google Ads types and PPC strategies suited to our needs and tight budget.”

Eric Weathers, Unity Bakery

Our ROI has grown by 467% thanks to Grow My Ads’ work. Their ad hoc communication and responsiveness, despite the time difference, have also been key to the project’s success. Our team praised their integrity, honesty, and transparency throughout the engagement.

Cinn Duong, Online Medical Supply Company

Since Grow My Ads joined the project, our conversions have 5x, and leads have improved significantly. The team seamlessly communicates to ensure effective collaboration and smooth project management.

Liv Anderman, Findem

Thanks to Grow My Ads, we were able to grow our business by 2040% YOY. They’ve also increased the sales and conversion rate, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their vast marketing expertise.

Dale Hellyer, Convincely

We gained 4X conversions and lowered our CPA by 42%. Grow My Ads effectively launched the video ads and turned them into our firm’s most successful customer acquisition method.

Parker Guariglia, The Curiosity Box

We were able to increase our number of clients dramatically without needing to increase our budget. They have unique ideas and expertise in e-commerce strategy.

Preston Crook, Custom Campers

As a result of the collaboration, our company saw an increase in conversions, revenue, and ROAS by 104, $12,800, and 2489%, surpassing our expectations.

AJ Watkins, Leis All Day

Grow My Ads’ work reflects our business ROI of 300% since working with them. They’re communicative and have constant calls and meetings to ensure the correct performance of the ad campaigns.

Brent Sunlay, Estilo Living

An impressive team, Grow My Ads helped us more than 2x the ROAS, even for the underperforming brands. The team is detail-oriented and follows the MAP policies strictly.

Michael Womack, DermAvenue

“Within 15-20 mins of talking with GMA, it was pretty clear that they really had in-depth knowledge of Google Ads, and that’s what I was looking for. They were able to just come in, take control and run with it.

It’s just been 6 months since we’ve been working with GMA and we’ve increased web sales by 400%. Which has just smashed it out of the park!”

James Cross, Cherub Baby

Get started with a FREE 30-Minute Account Analysis!

Since collaborating with Grow My Ads, our company’s conversions have increased by 200%. The team has demonstrated professionalism, robust communication, flexibility, and responsiveness. Moreover, their expertise and knowledge in this field were remarkable.

Harley Davey, Quickease

The team’s workflow was highly effective, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with GMA’s customer-centric nature.

Lance Mikkel, Refocus On Happiness

Thanks to Grow My Ads, our cost per lead decreased drastically. The team was highly knowledgeable and responsive through the project.

Jordan Brake, Supreme Buildings

The GMA team is consistently supportive, keeping the company informed about ongoing progress. Its responsiveness and profound expertise in online advertising stand out.

Reed Beery, Automation Solutions Company

After a few months of working with Grow My Ads, they have successfully helped the company grow out leads by 100% and reduced the total cost to generate them.

Tyler Phipps, Steam Works

They are professional and honest, in that they told us what we needed to hear, instead of the “marketing fluff” that we received from several other companies. The result was increased conversion rate and decreased cost per conversion.

Owner, Anonymous Accounting Firm

Since partnering with Grow My Ads, we’ve 2x our leads and impressions. The team is very flexible, responsive, and attentive to details. Moreover, they are always updated with the latest industry trends, enabling them to generate high-quality results in a timely manner.

Karen Henke, StreamSets

Grow My Ads leveraged its industry knowledge to lead successful campaigns and provide valuable recommendations that helped us identify a new niche and new opportunities for growth.

Matt Skelcher, 30 Second Explainer Videos Ltd

They are easy to work with, prompt, and responsive through in-person and virtual meetings. Their high level of expertise is commendable.

Michael Nadalin, Advertising Company

GMA’s understanding, speed, and accuracy were impressive.

Steven Erick, Relevant Creative

Grow My Ads has gone above and beyond to meet our ROAS goals and manage our Google ads.

Jet Berelson, VampireFreaks

With Grow My Ads, there are twice the amount of leads that came in. They are communicative and easy to work with.

Ryan Phipps, Elite Window Cleaning

“They should change their company name to “GrowMyProfits” because that was what they did for me. They cut our ad spend by 50% while growing our revenue, resulting in adding about $50,000 per month to our profit — they were much more efficient than our previous agency.”

Dale Hellyer, Convincely

Our ROAS has skyrocketed thanks toGrow My Ads’ efforts. So far, we’re happy with how the team organizes their work as our collaboration goes on.

Ethan Richardson, Luxury Watch Retail Company

Grow My Ads improved our landing pages, calls to action, ads, and keyword strategies, achieving better conversion rates and increased our ad spend while maintaining a steady cost per lead.

Geoffrey Nixon, Gemm Learning

After teaming up with Grow My Ads, we’ve seen considerable business expansion. The internal team is especially appreciative of their detail-oriented approach, communication skills, and method of handling projects.

Karen Mullins, Digestive Warrior

Grow My Ads is very professional to work with — they always adhere to deadlines and respond to any queries or concerns quickly. Moreover, their transparent approach makes them stand out from other providers.

Adam Riedel, Club Doctor Golf

Their proactive approach to optimization ensured that our campaigns were always in top shape.

Francesca P., 360 Studios

Grow My Ads proved to be a great partner, delivering a successful Google Ads campaign. Their workflow was notably efficient, and the team’s expertise stood out.

Robert Simic, Robert Simic Coaching Institute

Thanks to Grow My Ads’ efforts, we now enjoy a significant boost in our ROI. What stands out the most is their professionalism and attentiveness to detail.

Ryan Carroll, Sales Flow Marketing

GMA maintained strong communication, and demonstrated excellent reliability in setting goals and reviewing results.

Theo Pants, Knives Et Cetera LLC

Communication is always quick / and changes made within the day. Weekly meetings keep us all on track and informed of key information.

Anonymous, Home Reserve

Grow My Ads is diligent in delivering excellent results.

Devin Burke, Sleep Science Academy

Thanks to Grow My Ads, we were able to grow our business by 2040% YOY. They’ve also increased the sales and conversion rate, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their vast marketing expertise.

Dale Hellyer, Convincely

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