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Introducing…90-Day Growth Sprints, our proven system for Google Ads that deliver mind-blowing results.

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Our 90-Day Growth Sprints are raising the bar for how businesses like yours increase leads, sales, and profitability with Google Ads.

We partner with

Small Businesses

already investing in Google Ads who want someone that takes a proactive approach to get the best results.

Mid-Size Companies

with Google Ads programs that want a new partner who is committed to helping you get better results.

The secret behind our exceptional results is that there isn’t actually a secret.

Our secret sauce is a blend of technical know-how and commitment to learning and adapting. Sure, we know today’s best practices and how to make them work for your goals. More importantly, we’re devoted to implementing tomorrow’s best practices as they evolve. The market isn’t stagnant and your ad strategy can’t be either. And that’s where our magic begins to work.

Here’s how we get results that blow away the competition

Experience Managing Millions in Ad Spend

Exceptional results demand more than unparalleled technical expertise. Knowing Google Ads inside and out also means knowing how to minimize wasted expenses that pad Google’s coffers. Plus we know how to manage accounts whose monthly budgets are range from $5k to $500k+. And we put that know-how to work for you.

Strategy First Approach

Running an ad campaign without a guiding strategy is like throwing darts at a dartboard, hoping they’ll stick. Just about anyone can learn the basic ins and outs of Google Ads and get certified. They might even deliver on vanity metrics like clicks and impressions. But ads that grow your business can’t exist in a vacuum. They must be part of a strategy that delivers results that actually matter—sales, leads, and ROI.

Exclusive Google Ads-Only Focus

The saying goes jack-of-all-trades, master of none. That’s not us. Google Ads are our lifeblood so that we can turn your business into an ATM that dispenses cash on demand.

Proactive 90-Day Growth Sprints

Your Google Ads agency should be accountable to you and to your results. Proactive accountability is baked into our 90-Day Growth Sprints to ensure that your ads are always working toward your goals. We include roadmap reviews and strategy updates every 90 days.

  • Grow My Ads provided innovative strategies that took our ad results through the roof! We saw our conversions increase 300%!

    Growth Marketing Lead, Findem

Have you maximized the potential of your market?

The truth is you probably have room to grow. In the beginning, most agencies get results because they’re taking a fresh approach.

Have you ever hired someone for Google Ads who does a bunch of work upfront and gets killer results that plateau or stagnate, but you never hear from them again with updates? We’re not that company.

The difference between them and us is that we stay proactive.

Our 90-Day Growth Sprints guarantee accountability. Every sprint starts and ends with a frank analysis of your Google Ads performance so we can strengthen your strategy and improve your results with a fresh approach every 90 days.

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Here’s How Our

90-Day Growth Sprints Help Your Business Boom

1. Analysis

approx 1 week

Before we even talk about working together, you’ll get an analysis of your current Google Ads that covers:

  • Holes and missed opportunities in your strategy
  • Ideas for improving your ads
  • Pinpointing where you’re wasting money
  • Suggestions for moving forward

You’ll get a high-level report that we’ll explain in detail on a call. And if we don’t think we can improve on your results, we’ll share that, too.

2. Roadmap + Kickoff

approx 1 week

After you give us the go-ahead, we’ll dive in and create a strategy for working together. During your kickoff call, we’ll share the roadmap with you and explain exactly how we’ll execute it to deliver results that make you more money.

3. Execution

90 days

This is where the magic happens. In addition to watching the leads and sales roll in, you’ll get reports every 30 days with results and updates.
Your dedicated account manager will keep you in the loop with what’s happening and how we’re working toward your goals. They’ll also schedule regular conversations as needed to get your feedback.

4. Re-Assess

1 week

In the final days of each sprint, you’ll get our analysis and findings of the previous 90 days, as well as a new strategic roadmap for how we plan to adjust your tactics moving forward. In short, we evaluate our own work and pinpoint where we can improve.

Frequently Asked Questions for Grow My Ads

Can You Guarantee I’ll Make More Money From Google Ads?

We don’t make promises that we’re not confident we can deliver on. We can guarantee accountability, and, because we don’t require long-term contracts, you can leave our team at any time if you’re not satisfied. However, we can tell you that 95% of our customers stick around because they love working with us.

Basically, we offer continual ongoing ad management. However, instead of setting a strategy and coasting on it, whether or not you’re getting results, we review and revise our strategy every 90 days so we can be sure it’s the best strategy for your goals.

Absolutely. We offer a free analysis to everyone who asks to ensure we can help you grow your business.

We don’t make promises we’re not confident we can keep. So before starting with Grow My Ads, we’ll give you a solid analysis of how your ads are working and where they need improvement to ensure we can help you grow. And, if you don’t want to work with us after that analysis, no stress.

That’s a great question. Most agencies charge based on % of ad spend. We charge a simple flat rate fee based on the workload involved with your account, so each account is different. This fee is reassessed each 90-Day Growth Sprint. After your free analysis, our team can give you more insights into what this looks like.

We are doubling down on ads because we want to be the go-to Google Ads agency. Our hands-on approach, 90-day sprints, and dedication to getting results speak for themselves. Just check out what Karen Henke has to say. Additionally:

  • We only take on clients we’re confident we can help. 
  • We focus on strategy and results over anything else.
  • 95% of our clients stay with us.
  • “They have taken a strategic approach to our paid ads and are focused on getting the best leads for the lowest cost.”

    VP Marketing, People Intelligence Platform
  • They should change their company name to “GrowMyProfits” because that was what they did for me.

    CEO, Juvenon