Google Search Fundamentals

What Are Google Search Ads?

When people think of “Google Ads,” the first thing they typically think of is Google’s Search Ads.

Google’s Search Ads are a high-powered and high-potential pay–per-click ad platform that allows advertisers and brands of all shapes and sizes to connect with users based on their search results.

So What Is Google Ads’ Search Network?

Google’s Search Network is a group of search-focused apps and website that have been added to Google’s search platform. These can be apps and sites aside from Google’s direct search engine.

When you’re advertising through Google Search Ads, this means that your ad can show around (often above) organic search results when the related keyword is used in the user query.

How the Google Ads Auction Works

Google Ads is like most PPC platforms— it runs on an auction.

This is something that you’ve likely heard time and time again when learning about Google Ads and considering bidding strategies, potential costs, and optimization options.

Google Search Ads Statistics & Benchmarks (2022 Updated)

By now, most business owners have heard that Google Search Ads can be one of the best marketing investments they can make in their brand. There’s so much potential to grow your brand awareness, expand reach, and drive significant conversions.