Google Shopping Setup

Setting Up Merchant Center

You’re ready to start setting up your Google Merchant Center account! Congratulations! 

This will allow you to better promote your inventory across Google’s ad…

Google Product Feeds 101

Google’s product feeds are set up through your Google Merchant Center account, which allows you to upload lists of products that you have available in your inventory. 

These product feeds are used to generate both…

Google Product Feed Violations: Common Violations & How to Fix Them

You’ve gotten your Google Merchant Center account set up. Your feeds are synched and uploaded and ready to go.

You think you’re ready to start marketing on Google… and then you get a notification that you’ve got a Google product feed violation.

How to Set Up Your Google Shopping Campaign Ads

We know that Google Shopping is an invaluable tool for eCommerce brands and advertisers everywhere. It offers incredible potential visibility, and is a major driver of purchases on the search network.

How to Set Up Your Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

We know that Google Smart Shopping campaigns can be a huge asset for plenty of advertisers, especially when you want to scale your campaigns quickly and to take advantage of Google’s advanced machine learning.

How to Show Google Product Ratings in Product Listings

Your Google product listing contains a ton of information when it appears in the Shopping tab, but in many cases, customers are only seeing a small snapshot of that info as they browse through the listings.

Google Seller Ratings: What You Need to Know

In our last hub piece, we looked at product ratings for Google Shopping listings. Now we’re going to look at another invaluable rating for Google: Seller Ratings!