Google Shopping Fundamentals

What is Google Shopping?

Most brands understand the importance of optimizing their content for search engines so that they can rank well and be discovered by customers who are at different points of their buyer’s journey. They turn to text-based ads and organic optimization alike to try to get their products in front of their target audience.

Google Shopping Ads vs. Text Search Ads: What’s the Difference

Some think of the conventional text-based ads that appear at the top of search results with reasons why users should click. Others are increasingly thinking of Google’s Shopping Ads, which feature product information and…

Google Smart Shopping 101: What You Need to Know

Google Shopping is an outstanding feature that can yield exceptional ROI on both organic and PPC listings. The feature can expand your reach and help you sell more to a high-intent audience.

Google Shopping Benchmarks & Statistics for 2022

Google Shopping can be dead useful and highly profitable for marketers who have physical products to sell. It’s one of our go-to platforms that we use to help our clients grow their businesses and increase sales.